RK Nada Split


We combine true rugby values, determination and a never-ending passion for the game with fun and an unbeatable competitive spirit.

We pride ourselves with our achievements but also recognize that although the fruit our success is gained out on the field with the teams and their coaches, the roots of our success lie in every single club member, fan, family member, sponsor and volunteer.

And what success! One of the most respected amateur rugby clubs in Europe, RK Nada Split has a long list of accolades stretching back to its birth date on February 23rd 1959. Nada have won the Croatian National Championship 28 times including 10 consecutive titles between 2003-2012 and intend to take another one this year. In fact, the last time a defeat was registered against Nada in an official national game was back in 2010!

Contribution from RK Nada

International history

  • 2000, 2001 – Central European Champions Cup – 1st place
  • 2005 – European Clubs Championship – 3rd place
  • 2006 – European Clubs Championship – 2nd place
  • 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 – RRC Regional Rugby Championship – 1st place

It could be considered that much of the success gained by the Croatian National side has been thanks to a strong contribution from RK Nada, having produced 120 capped players since the club began.

International foundations and the local community

Received awards

  • Winner International “Pierre de Coubertin” fair play award;
  • Fair play award of Sportske Novosti;
  • City of Split Award;
  • Gold Medal of the City of Split;
  • Best sports team of the City of Split in the years 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012, for the senior team’s outstanding results in Rugby.

People are our key asset and once you are hooked on Nada you can’t give it up, whether you are one of the 800 hundred official members of the club (350 active in the game), or in the wider Nada family which is estimated now at over 3000 people in Croatia and around the world.

We are extremely proud to be able to field teams in all age groups and also boast a strong Women’s team. Our 8 expert trainers run coaching sessions all week at our own facilities in the centre of town – our own little ‘Twickenham’. The ground ‘Stari Plac’ has been a cult venue for Split Sport for over a century and has a stand with 924 seats and total capacity of 3000 spectators.

In Split we “grow them early” with the youngest members starting in the age group 5-6 passing up through 8 age graded categories to the Seniors and of course our “die hard” Veterans.

RK Nada has become synonymous for dedicated sport work in the entire sports community. But we don’t just work on the pitch, the rugby values are also considered ‘life skills’ so we often get out into the community with children in schools, organizing kids parties and other social events attracting a great mix of Croatian and International families and members.

Because of our passion and professional approach in all we do, RK Nada is one of the leading sports brands of Split and it is recognized in the wider European rugby community. The members of RK Nada are involved in CRU, FIRA-AER and EVRA with responsible positions.

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